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Power of Choice

Go from Dreaming to Creating by Harnessing This One Super Power




Okay, so you don’t have everything figured out. 

You look out at the world, at those around you, and they all seem to have it all “together.” 

They’ve got the job, the friends, the vibrant, fulfilling life you aspire to have. 

And really, from the outside, you suppose you have some of that too. 

The job, the friends, the lifestyle, the “highlight reel” moments you’re sure to post on Instagram. 

You have a good life. 

Yet, you feel like something’s missing. 

You’ve been looking for that “something” for a while now. 


You think, “If I could just find the right 
  • Job
  • House
  • Significant other
  • Book
  • Hobby
  • High-vibe podcast
  • Personal development course
  • Motivational blog post
I’d finally get things figured out.”

I’d finally start LIVING the life I want, instead of just dreaming about it. 

I’d stay ON the wagon, instead of falling off it every time. 

I’d get the VIBRANT life I want, instead of the beige one I have right now. 


But that “something” never comes. 

You get close to a breakthrough—you get excited about a new workout routine or an empowering personal development book—only to lose steam a few days later. 

And at this point, you’ve lost a bit of your hope. You’re naturally a hopeful, positive person, but this feeling of unfulfillment is really getting you down. 

“Can I actually have the life I’ve always dreamt of?”
you secretly wonder.

The answer is yes.

You can have the life you’ve always dreamt of. 
A vibrant, adventurous, fulfilling life you’re happy to wake up to every day. 
A peaceful, aligned existence. 
A passion and a purpose that drives you.

It’s possible. 
And you’re closer to that life than you think.


There’s just one thing. 

It won’t come from a job, house, significant other, book, hobby, podcast, course, blog post, workout routine, promotion, or anything like that.  That life you dream of will come from within. From the power inside—not outside.


The best part? You already have this power. 

You don’t have to do anything—read another book, listen to another podcast, watch another YouTube video—to acquire this power.


You simply must choose to harness it. 

How? We’ll show you in...

Don't go just yet!

For only $49, this interactive, workshop-style training is designed to help you harness the power of choice within your own life, learn techniques to create sustainable change, and ultimately create the life you dream of!

The Power of Choice Live Training

The Power of Choice is a 2-hour live, virtual training, developed by iPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching). This interactive, workshop-style training is designed to help you harness the power of choice within your own life, learn techniques to create sustainable change, and ultimately create the life you dream of.



1. How to Energetically Meet Your Future Self Living the Life You Dream Of

Sure, you’ve always been a bit of a dreamer, a visionary. Now let’s take your vision, get an even more detailed focus on it, and energetically meet your future self living out that life right now. 


2. The Hidden Energy Blocks That Have Held You Back From Your Dream Life Thus Far

If you’re not living the life you dream of yet, there must be something blocking you from that experience. We call these “energy blocks” and within the training, you’ll learn how to identify them so you can move past them.


3. The 2 Types of Energy at Play in Every Choice You Make

Under every choice, decision, and judgment call you make are two types of energy at play that move you toward or away from what you want most and ultimately, govern success. We’ll unveil these two energies to help you gain clarity on which type you prefer to work with.


4. How to Harness the Power of Choice in Your Own Life Using the 7 Distinct Levels of Energy

This is where the rubber meets the road—where you go from dreaming about your best life to choosing to create it by first understanding the 7 levels of energy and then choosing what level you want to be on. 



What You Get

Once you save your seat at the next Power of Choice Live Training, you’ll receive an email confirmation of your seat reservation. 

On the day of the training, you’ll receive an email with the link to join the live, virtual training “classroom.” This training will be hosted on the web conferencing platform, Zoom. During your live and on camera 2-hour training experience, you’ll receive:

  1. Two consecutive hours of interactive and engaging instruction and exercises, led by iPEC lead trainers.
    Get excited: iPEC believes in experiential learning. That’s why all of our programs, including this one, are facilitated in an interactive workshop style. Expect lots of impactful engagement with your trainers and fellow students!
  2. Support, insights, and connection from your trainers and fellow students. 
  3. A guidebook designed to help you capture your ah-hah moments and key takeaways.

You’ll finally have the power to create the life you dream of.
iPEC’s Power of Choice Training will get you there. 



How to Register

Saving Your Seat for the Next Power of Choice Training Is Easy:
  1. Click here (or any of the “Save My Seat” buttons on this page). You’ll be led to the event’s registration form, hosted on Eventbrite.com.
  2. Select the best date and time for you to attend the training.
  3. Submit your Eventbrite registration form and you’re officially in for the training of a lifetime! 

You’ll receive an email confirmation of your seat reservation within a few minutes of hitting the submit button.




You’ll finally have the power to create the life you dream of.

The Power of Choice Training is now just $49!



Curious about iPEC and One Idea Away?

iPEC, short for the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching has provided its students the tools and training they need to become expert coaches, thriving business owners, and influential leaders at their organizations. In 2016 iPEC created OneIdeaAway.com as a multimedia platform featuring articles, podcasts, videos and more, all of which address the “why” and the “how” in making our everyday lives a little easier, a little sweeter, and a whole lot more fulfilling. 

iPEC’s mission is to raise the consciousness of the world, one person at a time. We truly hope you’ll be the next—because the transformation of your life begins with you.

Every aspect of our training programs (including this one), communications, and organizational structure is devoted to helping you fulfill your potential and align with your calling to make a bigger impact in the world. Backed by over 30 years of research and a proven track record of success, we aim to inspire and support your calling to impact the world through coaching.

We look forward to hosting you at our upcoming live, virtual training, coaching you through The Power of Choice.




Frequently Asked Questions

Now is the time to harness the Power of Choice.

Go from dreaming to doing. 
From quitting to staying the course. 
From beige and bland to vibrant and aligned.
The change you’re seeking will come from within. 


It’s time to harness your power of choice.  Register now.